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-   Artist's Statement   -


   The beauty of Nature and the Universe that surrounds us is truly illuminating. God’s work is simply awesome. As his children, we are truly blessed to be able to experience this beautiful Blue Planet charmed by Sol. All that warms our hearts lies in the completeness of this ever evolving masterpiece. His work is before us to both inspire and enlighten his beloved children. All our feeble attempts at understanding by either imitation or animation, are at best but desperate acts to connect with this overwhelming completeness. God is the Master, but he is also the apprentice, for there is still much for him to inspire within his children.

   The Human experience is enriched by the act of sharing. Each of us maintains our own unique abilities and perceptions of the world around us. We all have a Gift to contribute. The love for our Creator and our fellow man is measured in what we make of these individual talents, and by the quality of the relationships we maintain.

   Art is evident in all Human interaction, simply because there is beauty, function and ease all in one tangible item or intangible event. The qualities of Artistic expression are infinite. Just as God is infinite. It is Man’s imagination that draws him closer to his creator’s will, by challenging the Universe’s framework. All our hopes, dreams and aspirations rest in the mysteries that life presents to us on a daily basis. It is by seeking a greater understanding of this infinite beauty and wisdom around us, that we may gain a more complete feeling of peace and comfort within. Insight perceived through understanding is what delivers us. To become more than what we are. To rise above our Nature.

   Art is the genius of playfulness. The results of such schoolyard antics are subject to review, but in the end, it is within the journey that the value remains. Along the path, we challenge our perceived attitudes and abilities to achieve yet a greater clarity of this magnificent mystery we call life. The mystery is what commands our artistic aspirations. We are fascinated by the unknown. It is simply in not knowing what awaits us that God’s grace is granted. Only through hindsight can we catch a glimpse of his hand at play. As artist’s we just seem to know that it is not just our feeble efforts present in the creative process, but that God is an ever present and willing participant. All that we have to do is simply ask if he would like to come out and play.

   For me, it has always been the joy of working with my hands. I was blessed with good hands and the care it takes to use them well. As artists we are inspired in varying degrees by all that surrounds us. My personal journey has simply been a series of challenging projects. Sometimes these projects originate within me, at other times, they are initiated by someone’s lead. It is the challenges in life which captivate us throughout the human experience. To understand the perceived objective, and then determine the necessary events to achieve the desired results. The quality and technical discipline necessary in the process has always been of the utmost importance to me. I am intrigued by the incompleteness of perfectionism. Likewise, my abilities often fall short of my expectations. Fortunately I believe that the true joy of all artistic expression lies simply in the act of doing, and artistic appreciation remains in the eye of the beholder.

   Throughout the years I have made my living mainly as a Cabinet maker. Along the way I have learned that most Artists and Artisans develop their own way of doing things. I believe in the etiquette of proper training in whatever pursuit inspires us. For there is great value in the wisdom of those that have proceeded us. But once achieved, breaking the rules is much more fun. Thus good training gives us the proper inclinations as to what we can and cannot get away with. My present endeavors are based primarily within the realm of traditional watercolors, but I use any technique or tool necessary to achieve the desired results in a painting. Also I am constantly looking at other artist’s work to enrich my own methods by their example.

   Most of my work is generally very realistic. I am extremely interested in the interplay between light and shadow. Recently I’ve been trying to achieve a sense of air and space around my subjects. I want my paintings to have a presence that both catches and draws the viewer’s eye into the piece. I fancy to be able to see with my hands and feel with my eyes. My art and the other various creative challenges that arise in my life remain a pleasant form of escape. They provide me with that place that when fully focussed and engrossed, both time and space vanish, and the peace of the moment is all that remains. This is a place that I like to believe is illuminated by God’s presence, like two children peacefully at play together.

Frederick Milton Powell     Fred's Kartouch